Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Thursday, April 7, 2011

yes i did fall off the earth .....

ok.... thank you to a few who were proding me to get my phatassphairy wings into gear ......i thought i had beter do an update ...not that there has been much going on ....i have been a bit cut up in life litterally (i am sporting a lovely 25cm scar to send straight to the pool room) ...but am pretty much on the mend and back to normal well as normal as one can get when you live in the tropics .....which a tip for visitors ..make sure you have tight elastic in ya knickers cause if you cross winds like cyclone yasi y'all gunna lose them =)

now i am feeling an itch in the mojo atm hopefull it will not be long between updates .....for now this is where i am at... and brace yourself ..i have done 2 cards....

This is me playing with paint =)

This is my attempt at shabby chic ...=/P

i was hungry ......i took inspiration from this .......

and come up with this .......

sitting down !!!! are my cards =)

this is my doubt saying ...P*** off mumma !!!

...but suffer in ya jocks kiddo cause i got ya x0x0x

playing with paint and using all "stagnet stash" items ...not a freshly open item on my page

and playing with paint again

playing with more paint and using up some old rubons

this ole mate was catching some sun while we were doing some bush walking with the kids on a camping trip ....but is a freshy so no need to run .....(((bless the lord for that !!!)))

this page makes me smile makes me think of my scrappy cyber sistas from melbourne who i lub lots and lots .....cause they were a bit amused by our green (and gold) coloured ants
that are just EVERYWHERE up here ....


Melissa said...

Woohoo..................SHE UPDATES anddddddddddddd SHE SCRAPS....OMG, it really has been too long for both Missy, but so good to hear from you and see all those gorgeous goodies you ahve been scrapping.Boy oh boy did your Mojo come back!!!!!
So glad you are healing well Sammi to ya and your gorgeous family, specially Shelby.!!! Hehe

ann said...

Wow Sammi some lovely projects there....!!!

Anonymous said...

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