Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Friday, September 30, 2011

busy busy busy little bee

 WELL i have had a bit of a mojo spurt (at the end of )this month .......and this is what has surfaced .......

omg i even made some cards (what is doing with that !!!). Also i have made 5 wall hangings for a donation for a "big girls night in" fundraiser...will have to chase these cause i din't take any pics ...

anyhoo thanks for looking

 i have painted the background of this lay out and i think it turned out pretty groovy .....even if i do
 say so myself >,<

i love these pics ...... my hubby is the most patience man in the world ...kekeke

trying to complete photo tuts by tiff ...this was my first class done and dusted =)

this lay out is a scrap jack that was inspired by Mel
this lay out is a scrap jack that was inspired by Mandy
this is a wall hanging that i made for a freind so she could give it as a gift (the seal over the letters you can hardly see in real life ..but my bloody camera just would not give me the grace of leaving it dull day i will work all those settings out

this is a little gift that i made for the love of my life .......this is what it looks like when you hand it over

and this is how it opens up ...... you can pop anything in it ..... but i filled it with all my love =)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

take 2

i have no idea what just happened .....but my whole post went walkabout =/ ... so here is to it again ....
this is a gift i have made for a friends little girl. It was her first birthday ..... it is about 40cm x 15cm 12cm ....
i am blessed to live in north Queensland ..and when we have our wet season this is what the side of roads look like when you're heading up the gillies to the markets ..... i love the waterfalls i did a double lay out .....
this is a layout that i come up with from the pp pack and the retreat photo which were attendance gifts ....i love these papers
My boss was telling me that she has recipes that are loose in a book and it was driving her nuts this is what i made for her ...and i think she really likes it ...cause it is nearly full
this was what i did in the speed scrap at the scraptherapy retreat
This is a really groovy sketch that was set by Kirst Gangi over at scrapbookcapital ......and this is her and i IRL playing with mocktails in melbourne on retreat last year .....i think it is pretty deadly that i have used this pic for her sketch challenge ...0x0x0x
This is the outcome of a blind scrap that i did over at scrapbook capital
this one is just for fun
this is from a class at the scraptherapy retreat
this one is an extra that i made from the pp pack ......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LOOKIE LOOKIE here are some littlehandmade embellies that i was rather chuffed with when i finished play with them ......they were for a swap at . The theme was critters =) this is my take on the april Sketch at

the 3 little girls in the middle have adopted me as there Grandma ...and i just love them and i love it when they come for sleepsovers are just killed with cuteness =P

This is a card i made ....Shelby has given it to her friend for her birthday on the 12th

This is a gift i made for a friend of mine =)

thats it for now =)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

yes i did fall off the earth .....

ok.... thank you to a few who were proding me to get my phatassphairy wings into gear ......i thought i had beter do an update ...not that there has been much going on ....i have been a bit cut up in life litterally (i am sporting a lovely 25cm scar to send straight to the pool room) ...but am pretty much on the mend and back to normal well as normal as one can get when you live in the tropics .....which a tip for visitors ..make sure you have tight elastic in ya knickers cause if you cross winds like cyclone yasi y'all gunna lose them =)

now i am feeling an itch in the mojo atm hopefull it will not be long between updates .....for now this is where i am at... and brace yourself ..i have done 2 cards....

This is me playing with paint =)

This is my attempt at shabby chic ...=/P

i was hungry ......i took inspiration from this .......

and come up with this .......

sitting down !!!! are my cards =)

this is my doubt saying ...P*** off mumma !!!

...but suffer in ya jocks kiddo cause i got ya x0x0x

playing with paint and using all "stagnet stash" items ...not a freshly open item on my page

and playing with paint again

playing with more paint and using up some old rubons

this ole mate was catching some sun while we were doing some bush walking with the kids on a camping trip ....but is a freshy so no need to run .....(((bless the lord for that !!!)))

this page makes me smile makes me think of my scrappy cyber sistas from melbourne who i lub lots and lots .....cause they were a bit amused by our green (and gold) coloured ants
that are just EVERYWHERE up here ....