Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Monday, February 16, 2009

where does the time go!!!

Firstly Yay to me !!!!!!

I applied for a DT position on this new website and yay i got the offer to climb on board and join Eve, Janet and ant there it is out of the bag !!!

Go check it out ...this all fresh and new site :)
Well first of all is a very long story ...but i lost a bet ...and if i lost i had to how myself in my birthday suit i went to a retreat with the worlds best group of ladies from and stayed in Melbourne for a week .....and i went to the fundraiser diner in my birthday suit here it is for all you weirdo's who want to see me in my birthday suit

Also i promised some friends that i would post up how i covered some of the kids books for school this year .....i do get some sort of twisted enjoyment out of covering school books

this is where i am up to in the scrapping world .....i have done another Cj which i am dying to post up but i can't cause the owner has not seen it yet 2 otp 1/2 done ...and another Cj nearly ready to go ....
but this is what i can post
Thanks for looking and i will see you next time ......and leave a comment if you drop in for a peek

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cards and more Cards

Well last year ....i only made 8 cards .......i love cards but mine, well the ones that my brain try to think up look crap to me i have decided that this year i was going to make an effort to make some cards ....but i am getting alot of help from some card guru's ...and these are the ladies that i am going to be stalking to help me out with my berjiggerty mojo when it come to card making ...Sharon Lee, Janet O'Brien, Annette Hanigan and of course Queen of Sheba Fluerie Broughton....but i am already happy with me, i am up to a card telly of 11 for this year ....yay to me i will give you a bit of a share but before i do ....

February Swap is.... BLIND and NAKED ....sound like you ....go check it out ... i dare ya =0

this a card that is from the scrapbook capital card class kit
Here Are some cards i have made at the LSS, taught by Annette .....i just love them cause i think they are so bright and funky

And here are a couple of lay outs that i have got done this week you have to bare with me on the crappy pics ...because it is raining again .....and dull light and my camera just are not going to play nicely ATM ......but never mind least you get the idea