Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

geeez has it been that long !!!!

i just popped onto my blog to check something out ....i nearly fell off the chair can not believe it has been this long since i posted on my blog ....but i promise i will update on sat ...but i have been a bit out of my normal life ....but blah blah blah to that i am back =) i will see you again saturday with a fresh up ...giggles i think i have 3 pages that i have not even taken snaps off i better snap too it !!!!


Melissa said...

Well it is about bloody time ole girl...was wondering what had happened to ya!!!!!
But figgered life was on the hectic side....hope you are doing OK...looking forward to your catch-up...don't forget now!!!!!!!!

Lali said...

Well it is Sunday and still no update lol...I am worse than you but I am prettying up my blog and will start updating very soon too

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