Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Monday, April 19, 2010

to see what this pic is about ....scroll down ...blogger is not playing nicely and i can't get it to go below where i want it to be ...

Well this is a bit of an update for you .......i have also been playing with my camera
these are some pics that i have taken

This is a pic for a task that i was doing on scrapbook was spose to be a self portrait...when i started to think about me and or what is me or what represents me ....i just couldn't think of anything that is just me ...cause where ever i am i always have my husbands heart, soul and energies surrounding me and where there is me ....there is him ...=) to be myself in a true form just like this ...when two pebbles are thrown into the pond of life, by some strange force they land in the exact same spot making one splash with a perfect entry into the future with out any ripples .......this is us

(.he he he poor fella was trying to sleep after getting off 12 hour night shift then a 4 hour flight home a couple of hours )

my favourite ......arrrrrrr my sarongs ....god bless north queensland summers

just some blocks



This is afternoon tea one day .....hmmm yummo

Gemilla .....our little woman when she was 4yrs old

this was a challenge for scraptherapy was about recycling i have recycled a white potato bag, stamps, lucky ticket, i have used a D.Coke lid for the paint stamp, i have used scrap letters ans the S and the Y in the title are actually numbers that i have turned a 5 upside down and chopped the top off the 9 to make my Y

of i love this ...the up load does not do it justice ....these are the new prima velvet flowers ...and i just love the softness of my feathers .....i just can't get it to give it justice ....oh well =/

I did a bit of spring cleaning ...and ombg i fold this blind and naked swap i rushed to it and got it finished ...giggles ...this is one of those things that you just pop over there for save keeping ....and it just gets lost in the mojo mess

ok ...this is to do with the pic up the top (of the scenery) ..i was set an inspirational challenge and this is what my mojo come up with

Finally here is my Chinese whispers lay out ........i really loved being out side my comfort zones

this is my green challenge .......he he he you think i could get any greener? ..... my boarder and flower is made out of a glad bin liner ....tricky dicky eh ....

thanks for looking


Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Great photos and layouts. xx

Marcy said...

OMG you've been bizzay phatass!!! Just thought I'd feel better calling you that CAUSE I AM SO JEALOUS of you creative efforts!LOL These layouts ROCK!!! and OMG OMG I just had a convo with someone yesterday about how much I love red shoes! LOL I even took a pic of hers!!!(this from the chic who'll be stuck in bowler type orthodics for the rest of her arch fallen life! Yep I enjoyed the red shoes, wanted to click my heels together after seeing the sarong shot and land in QLD actually!!!! ...especially when we've got our central heating on as winter has arrived in wagga! Have a great day thanks for the bit of fairy magic in the comments on my blog too! please come again! LOL :)