Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swap Sista

i am looking forward this year as most of you know that i will be doing the swaps for scrapbook capital and we are about to kick off our first one ((budget blues)). Thanks lorrie for being brave and giving me a shot at it . Also Lorrie is running a couple of comps this year that are well worth the look .CYBERCROP QUEEN SEARCH and a new one that she will be launching on WED this week go have a look I DARE YA!!.......I will be giving the CC queen search a bash cause i am already there at most of the CC.....but they have OTP and Card challenges ....which i am not very good at ....i find my mojo struggles in these 2 departments, but i am excited at the push to get me out of my triangle. Sharon and Tracey (the card and OTP design girls)have done up some of the most yummiest things last year and no doubt will give me the oooh and awww by the plentiful this year too. ....I am doing a running comparison between this year and last year goal is to do 100 pages, and 10 OTP, and 20 cards. Also i would dearly love to see one of my pages in one of those mags, so i am going to become active in sending my stuff for consideration for submissions lets see if this big mumma can stick to her plans
I would also like to give a little mention, to Rhonda (AKA Arby) who has slipped into a train driver position over at CD Doodles she is keeping things happening while the head lady is off having a bit of IRL sorting out time. Also thanks to you and Bee for your kind words of encouragement, was very humbling coming from such talented ladies .

To my friend Jax, thank you for your continued kindness and gorgeous friendship.
This lady who had never meet me, last year had me stay at her house in Melbourne. WHAT A BRAVE THING TO DO ........she had no idea the fruit loop she was letting in .lol.. But she has all year sent little RAKS to me which has made me feel nice. I have got a kick so many times this year from her because there is a little prize in my mail i am going to make the effort to pay it forward ...because i want to help make people feel like she has made me ......but the last thing jax has sent me was some cute funky buttons ((((will let you know when i use them )))) and the most beautiful words in a card that had me all sookie la la with her kindness .....thanks kiddo mwhoa.
It has to be mentioned that i think that Lali, Anthea, Jax, Tracey and Lyndall need to stop all this holiday fun ...and get back to the scrap world are missed and i want you back or i will have to chuck a tanty soon ......and on that not ...where is Mel and digi-girl/ Sharon ??? Futhermore Nina hurry up and get that water instructor thing done will you !!!
yay to me i won the monthly challenge with my 20 year school reunion pic phairy claps to me

here are some of my lastest stash
those 3 were for an afternoon delight challenge
This is my jan09 CC Ch#1 OTP at scrap cap (i am giving it to my MIL i hope she will like it)
this is my jan 09 CC Ch#3 card
this double lay out is a phot swap that i have sent to a cyber bud

and these were just for fun =)


Hetty Hall said...

Sammi looks like you have been on a scrapping frenzy hun, well done they all look fantastic and yes start submitting as I would love to see some of these on glossy as well - persistence is the key here chicky. Congrats on becoming the swap sista - will make you a blinkie, left you a message on that post at SC but comp was playing up and I lost it, was too lazy to redo it, lol!
HUgs xx

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

I dont think you missed anyone Sammi... crack me up. so good to see your scrapping again and good to have you back on line. It is a very different world without you and I am so pleased to have you party of the Scrap CAP team. Im sure you will bring a bit of excitment to the site. ;)bring on 2009 I say!!

Tracy Firth said...

I am back from all that holiday stuff and will be back chatting on SC very soon - though I think my mojo is still on hols. I cant wait to see my gorgeous photo swap IRL - thanks BUD and cant wait to meet you at the retreat this year. HUGS HUGS HUGS

Lali said...

OK girl I will get out of my holiday mode lol NOT do wanna scrap though so will have to update my blog soon with some pics etc. loveyour LOs chicky they are awsome you are on a roll girl love ya