Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've been tagged .....

i have been tagged by Hetty and Anthea which for me is a real honour ......both these ladies are very talented sista's in the scrap world ......

hetty has an elegance, grace and such a heart felt warmth in her scrap style that i can only wish i could have .....

Anthea has an amazing vision in her ability to have so many elements yet never overpowering the beauty of the pics....the longer i look at Anthea's pages and projects more i see ......

i feel very privileged to have been tagged by such inspirational and talented Ladies. For me this is tag is like a gift from the famous.....something that i will treasure....thank you so much for your tag

The rules for the award are - (1) The winner can put the logo on their blog. (2) Link the person you received your award from. (3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (4) Put links of those on yours. (5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

Firstly i would have with out a doubt tagged these ladies ........and i know how busy they both are so i won't re-tag them ......

Julie H this Chickie ROCKS.....i just did her groovy style ....i love her soul, her creativity, and i consider her a cyber sista ...mwhoa

Lorrie cause she says it how she sees it ...God bless lorrie..we all need a little more lorries in this world i say....and i can't wait to run a muck with this girl.....mwhoa

Lali I love this woman ...i have been stalking her for a couple of years now and there are some people that you meet and you just want to hug and lali is one of them ....i am so impressed with the way her work has evolved and style has developed it has been such a pleasure to cyber scrap with and draw inspiration from ....lali hearts and hugs for you sista...mwhoa

Maria is a newbie as such to my bloggers stalkers list i dig that she cooks. has a big extended family and has a groovy scrap style ....i feel that we run on a parallel of life's activities your up ..mwhoa

Vicky this girl is the most important person in my cyber life .....Vicky was my virginal breaker :) ...she was my first cyber person to say hello on the top 50 ...she was in the first CC that i did... she was the First email i received from a cyber bud that (i actually want emails from and she was the first that i went into a swap with......She has made me laugh, pimped me up and just got a special spot in my soul for this girl ...and i dig her scrap style ...can't wait for you to hit that tarmac again i miss you ...mwhoa

Ann Marie i love this sista's style .....she is a really Aussie chick, mum, and loves her man .....i love to read her blog and dig her groovy style ...would love to steal her knickers to wear her mojo for a day ....mwhoa
Kelly This chick holds the ANZAC spirit ....i love to read her blog her style... and she has a great soul and loves her children partner and life ..... i just dig her ...mwhoa

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Anthea said...

aww, such kind words Sammi! thankyou!!!