Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Phatassphairy Daily Magic Dust

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Breaking The Ice

Well girls i have done it. i have started my own blog. It seems to be the thing to do. So for those who know me thanks for looking in on my daily magic dust. I just love to scrap and i find it is great therapy to relax and clear the mind of daily duties. i really love challenges because for me they often take me out of my comfort zones .......and i love to see what i come up with . Some time i love them and others , well i have looked back on and thought what was i thinking ......But i would never change them.

For those who have not crossed my path and are just having a sticky beak to see what this is about (or me for that matter) i am a pretty chilled out relaxed person and often find that i am the joker in a crowd. i love the sound of laughter and i love to be around happy people. i am happily married with four kids and one grandson, and i wish i could own a hippie van with big pink flowers painted over it......wouldn't that lotto ticket be great.......What would you buy with your share of that lotto ticket?


bon said...

YAY, you did it!!!
looks great:)

Michelle Winston said...

Welcome to the world of blogging ! Good on you !